Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Late Christmas Digistamps for Sale + FREE STAMP!

Three new Christmas Stamps have now been added to my section of the Stitchy Bear Stamps store. You can see the coloured versions of these below:

These coloured versions come in the bundle you get when you purchase, along with the separate line-art in three different formats, all high-resolution and large in size.

From now until 7pm GMT(London) on Wednesday, if you buy one any of my stamps from the store, you can get any other of my stamps free just by sending me a quick email with proof of your purchase and listing which of my stamps it is you would like.

This is a limited offer, and there are a total of eleven stamps to choose from - however for an extra £1 ($1.55) you can commission me to design a digistamp specifically to your requirements.

Email me on:

Thank you!

Sunday, 31 October 2010

This is Halloween :]

Happy Halloween everyone!
I'm just getting ready to go out, so I thought I'd post a few pics of my outfit!

Took a while on the hair, and the make-up is a sort of monroe-inspired thing I guess. Just going for 50s wartime officer. Though apparently this is a sergeant uniform. Who cares lol
Awkward smile is awkward >:

Also did a little digital painting of myself as a Zombie today!

That is all :]
Have a good night!

Sunday, 12 September 2010

New Digi Stamps

Okay, so I have three new stamps now or soon to be available in the One Stitch At A Time Shop.

The first is in association with the Autism appeal, which you can read about in the post below. This is my character Plug at the age of fourteen ;]

Next is plug at the age of 7, looking pretty sad >:

Finally this is Angel, an old OC of mine, I don't think I've drawn her in a while, but I redesigned her for a recent concept.

Autism Challenge at One Stitch At A Time

One Stitch At A Time has a very special challenge for you this week. We are challenging you to make a special "Rainbow Themed" card - it's an anything goes type of challenge. The only rule is you must have a rainbow or the colours of a rainbow in your creation. The reason for this Rainbow challenge is in honor of a very special little guy named Cameron.

If you click on the badge on the right of my page, you can read his story.

A little History and the reason for this Super Challenge this week.
A very very good friend of Stitchy's who is known in the digital world by the name "FUNKY" , has built a beautiful fundraiser blog for her grandson Cameron. He is Autistic, and Funky and her daughter are striving to help Cameron.

Some of you may know Funky, she has been in the digital scrapping world for a very long time. If you could find it in your heart to help Funky and her little guy out, it will not go unrewarded. We know times are very hard for everyone right now, so if you can't give even a dollar, please don't feel bad, but please do go and read his story, he's quite a character! Thank you in advance all that take part in this very special challenge - have fun & good luck!

We have 10 GREAT PRIZES FOR 10 equally great WINNERS...and that is only at the main blog...

Prize #1 is all 5 of Stitchy Stamps New Release Stamps
Prize #2 is all 5 of Beary Dust's New Release Stamps
Prize #3 is a package from Craftbrulee
Prize #4 is a package from Rod
Prize #5 is a package from I Am Roses
Prize #6 is 3 New Release Stamps
Prize #7 is 3 New Release Stamps
Prize #8 is 3 New Release Stamps
Prize #9 is 3 New Release Stamps
Prize #10 is 2 New Release Paper Packs and A Sentiment Sheet

We will also have one Kid winner, who will win one prize of the three new Kids Korner release stamps!

Tuesday, 24 August 2010

New Digi Sneak Peek

Sophie and Thompson <3~
Now Available at the Stitchy Bear Stamp Shop, click here or on the banner on my sidebar!
I love Thompson, so much <3~

Monday, 23 August 2010

Forest Prank

If you're up for a laugh, this is the video prank which I based the comic on.

Click on the image for a close-up look.
Drawn entirely by hand with speech bubbles and text added later with MSD4

It was an assignment for another of my online art role-plays called Academy of Heroes. My character is Tyler Sullivan, and in this comic he was pranking fellow student Lee. My other assignments and some of my other art are all available to view on my DeviantArt Page.

I Can't Believe I Did This To You...

This is another of my OCs Hibiki, who you might remember from the last Digi-Stamps I released through OSAAT. He looks... a lot more serious here, but that is the face of remorse. And, yes, his muscles are rather exaggerated, but I've never really had a character which I felt suited that kind of physique. Now I know why >:

I had the most fun with his tattoo though, it's more my own style. I was really just experimenting with colours and lighting here :]

Below is my process animation. It might not work on all computers, but if you're interested, you can also view it on my DeviantArt Account here.

Overall, it took around 3 days on and off in Photoshop. With no pencil sketches to accompany, which is new for me, and probably why his anatomy is so awful.

Character Concept - Chester Holloway

Chester Holloway, a new character concept for part of an art role-play. I actually really like this guy ;] His Full Biography can be viewed here. I also have a new digi-stamp in the works, which I should be releasing on the One Stitch At A Time shop tomorrow.

Chester was sketched and shaded in graphite then scanned and coloured, and his skin tones and tattoos rendered in Photoshop, over three hours.

Monday, 9 August 2010

Leap into Wonderland

Painted this last night, completely in Photoshop CS4. Its a creature concept for a contest a friends of mine is running on DeviantArt. I still haven't finished the reference sheets for it, so I'll probably upload those when I'm done. But I really like this one, so I thought I'd upload it now! I had so much fun doing it yesterday, even though it took the best part of the days in at around 6-8 hours to finish it.

Thanks for looking!

I Love the Rain the Most, When It Stops

Wanted to make a card using the new digistamps, so.. here we are :D All stuff from the stash, I think the sentiment is from SWALK, and everything else I found hidden away in my mum's craft room, so thanks Pinky
The girl is called Hinata and she is now available to buy at Stitchy Bears Shop, along with Hibiki digistamps, so please check them out if you have the time!
I'm entering it in the following challenges:
1. The Kaboodle Blog - Add A Little Metal
3. Paper Sundaes - Metal
much love!

Friday, 6 August 2010

Hibiki and Hinata DigiStamps

Say hello to the new guys and gals :D my pretty little twins. (although most of them are Hibiki). They're brand new and now available exlusively on the Stitchy Bear Stamps store via the One Stitch At A Time Challenge Blog! Hope you guys like them!

Find them here.


Wednesday, 16 June 2010

House MD

Any fans of House... in the house?

Friday, 11 June 2010

SuperMilo :D

I totally made a doll!

It took me all day.
But I've never tried something like this before, and I think It looks sort of okay :3

Made with these pretty new cleaning cloth things I spotted and stole (so it totally doubles as a duster :DDD) and an old T-shirt or two, with my own template design. Hand-stitched, because my mum's sewing machine is a mystery to me; and I stuffed it with cotton wool. Because I really wasn't at all prepared to make this D:

I am happy though.

It's for my brother, Milo (hense the 'M') because I love him, and he is awesome :3

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Who Killed Amanda Palmer?

8 Hours of painting D:
For anyone who doesn't know, Amada Palmer is the former singer/pianist of Punk Cabaret duo The Dresden Dolls.

Friday, 21 May 2010

saaaaad faec D: + Your suggestions

I've been abandoning this blog. So, pierrot the clown is saaaad [well, no more than usual].

Painted him a few days ago in photoshop, poor guy never had a chance.

I really want to get into this whole digi-business hoo-ha, so as I officially finished school for the summer last week, and finally handed up the last of my art coursework today, I think I should really dive into this.

So, I'm looking for some ideas and suggestions from whoever actually still looks at this blog, which I fear at this point is probably only my dear mother D:

but, on the off chance that anyone else is out their in that great crafty abyss, what do you look for in digi designs, what do you really use/need, and what price would you expect?

Friday, 5 March 2010

You're Late For Tea!

My entry for Cute Daisy May's challenge this week, which is a sketch. I drew the image for it myself, based on Alice from Alice In Wonderland - my favourite story, and I'm so excited to be seeing the new movie tomorrow.

The sketch was designed by my lovely mother - Pinky! So I just had to have a go!

Coloured with Promarkers, and drawn with Copic Fineliners. Papers from Pinky's stash.