Monday, 27 July 2009

Tuesday Taggers - Week 10 - Swirls and Curls

Yet another Challenge Blog my mum threw my way to get me going [really, I think she just loves my company and wants me to sit beside her bugging her for stuff and messing up her craft room all the time ;D]. Tuesday Taggers - Looked like fun so I gave it a shot.

For some reason I don't plan stuff a lot, I just go with the flow, so this somehow turned out to be a Spring-time theme.. I worry about myself sometimes.. The rabbit, the only way I can explain, is probably inspired by The White Rabbit from Alice's Adventures in Wonderland - which is still stuck in my head for whatever reason. It took me quite a while to make him look anything less than sinister.

All background designs, drawings and wording by myself =]

The Corrosive Challenge Blog, Challenge #22

So, I was sitting over my lovely mum's shoulder while she was blog-hopping, and she suggested I check out TCCB, because it's apparently to my taste. And well, she was right as usual. I couldn't resist but to give their challenge a go. The theme was based on 80s Jem dolls. I decided to do a sort of pop-art take on my character Melly, who's only been featured on my DA account. Blue hair suits her =]

So anyway, yus this is my attempt [Pop-art explosion, face/mic and random doodles all by myself]:

Brilliant challenge if I do say so =]