Thursday, 17 February 2011


A portrait of the Swedish actor Alexander Skarsgård (Generation Kill, True Blood) from a Photograph.
Four Hours+Photoshop CS4+Wacom Intuos4

Self Portrait

Another for my Portfolio. A self portrait with a Photo-Reference.
Two Hours+Photoshop CS4 + Wacom Intuos4

Valentine Gift

A painting for another friend as part of a Valentine's Day Secret Santa sort of thing. This is his OC Hien.
Photoshop CS4 + Wacom Intuos4


A picture I painted of my friend for her birthday. It was kind of rushed, but I was still able to use it in my portfolio. Yay.
Photoshop CS4 + Wacom Intuos4

Monday, 31 January 2011

Lt. Aldo Raine - Inglorious Basterds

Finally finished my painting of Brad Pitt as Aldo. Worked on it over three days on and off, after school that is. Just trying to get stuff to beef up my portfolio for my University interviews :]

Photoshop CS4 + Intuos4

Monday, 24 January 2011


Another image for my portfolio, again painted from scratch in Photoshop CS4 using my Wacom Intuos4 tablet (Gilbert) and with Photo reference. That would be myself on the left, and Alexander Skarsgard on the right - who plays Eric on the HBO show True Blood.

Working Hard or Hardly Working?

One of the new images for my portfolio. Which I've been working on basically non stop for what feels like months.
Political Commentary Illustration on the Student Fees and Nick Clegg's Pre-election promises.
Done entirely in photoshop, painted from scratch with photo references.