Monday, 23 August 2010

Forest Prank

If you're up for a laugh, this is the video prank which I based the comic on.

Click on the image for a close-up look.
Drawn entirely by hand with speech bubbles and text added later with MSD4

It was an assignment for another of my online art role-plays called Academy of Heroes. My character is Tyler Sullivan, and in this comic he was pranking fellow student Lee. My other assignments and some of my other art are all available to view on my DeviantArt Page.

I Can't Believe I Did This To You...

This is another of my OCs Hibiki, who you might remember from the last Digi-Stamps I released through OSAAT. He looks... a lot more serious here, but that is the face of remorse. And, yes, his muscles are rather exaggerated, but I've never really had a character which I felt suited that kind of physique. Now I know why >:

I had the most fun with his tattoo though, it's more my own style. I was really just experimenting with colours and lighting here :]

Below is my process animation. It might not work on all computers, but if you're interested, you can also view it on my DeviantArt Account here.

Overall, it took around 3 days on and off in Photoshop. With no pencil sketches to accompany, which is new for me, and probably why his anatomy is so awful.

Character Concept - Chester Holloway

Chester Holloway, a new character concept for part of an art role-play. I actually really like this guy ;] His Full Biography can be viewed here. I also have a new digi-stamp in the works, which I should be releasing on the One Stitch At A Time shop tomorrow.

Chester was sketched and shaded in graphite then scanned and coloured, and his skin tones and tattoos rendered in Photoshop, over three hours.