Monday, 15 June 2009

MizuMedia_Designs Shop is up and running!

Yeah, so I said I would, and I have!

Check it out if you get the time, and I'll keep it updated, I should have some more stuff up as well as freebies and the likes soon enough!


So far only grunge stuff is up, but I might be getting a few more contributers as well as finishing up some other stuff.

Also, any ideas, comments or suggestions here or there would be much appreciated.



Much love,

Mizu xxx

Sunday, 14 June 2009

16th Birthday Card

Had to make my friend a card for her birthday as I mentioned before. I didn't have a lot of time to do it, but I managed to pull something off.

She loves the guitar and has a very vintage look, so I doodled a little image for the card a while ago which I thought I could use. Used Promarkers and chalks to colour it in. The Vintage-y scraps are cut from old Victorian-style cards and the Lace is Papercraft 4 U paper lace boarder. The card and red paper is from my mum's lovely stash!

She really loved it and we all had a great day out, so smiles all around!

Saturday, 13 June 2009


I've been pretty inactive recently - with good reason, I've JUST finished my GCSE's and was out celebrating yesterday with a bunch of my mates [Went to see Terminator - wasn't great lol]. But I have been doodling throughout the process and have come up with a bunch of new sketches, I've also set up a Paypal account and some of you may have noticed my new blog. I fully intend to have a business up and running in the coming weeks when I have time to tweek my images and make a few papers - so please look out for that.

And don't think to badly of me being so inactive - I've just had so much to do recently! Sorry!

I have a card to upload soon as well, which I made for my friend's 16th on Wednesday - so, yeah.

Keep crafting! And thanks for all your help and support - love you all!

Mizu xxx