Friday, 21 May 2010

saaaaad faec D: + Your suggestions

I've been abandoning this blog. So, pierrot the clown is saaaad [well, no more than usual].

Painted him a few days ago in photoshop, poor guy never had a chance.

I really want to get into this whole digi-business hoo-ha, so as I officially finished school for the summer last week, and finally handed up the last of my art coursework today, I think I should really dive into this.

So, I'm looking for some ideas and suggestions from whoever actually still looks at this blog, which I fear at this point is probably only my dear mother D:

but, on the off chance that anyone else is out their in that great crafty abyss, what do you look for in digi designs, what do you really use/need, and what price would you expect?