Friday, 11 June 2010

SuperMilo :D

I totally made a doll!

It took me all day.
But I've never tried something like this before, and I think It looks sort of okay :3

Made with these pretty new cleaning cloth things I spotted and stole (so it totally doubles as a duster :DDD) and an old T-shirt or two, with my own template design. Hand-stitched, because my mum's sewing machine is a mystery to me; and I stuffed it with cotton wool. Because I really wasn't at all prepared to make this D:

I am happy though.

It's for my brother, Milo (hense the 'M') because I love him, and he is awesome :3


  1. Its the coolest ever Searlait, love his outfit!!

  2. Maurice is a handmade doll too! So exciting!


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